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Fighting Atlanta Traffic Tickets

In most cases, you’ll want to plead not guilty and request a trial by jury. This way, you’ll have your day in court and will be able to present your side of the story. If you’re found guilty, you may be able to appeal the decision. However, appeals can be costly and time-consuming, so it’s important to do your research and carefully consider your options before making a decision.

Here is a list of steps to avoid a fine:

1. Negotiate with the officer who issued the ticket. Often, officers will be willing to reduce or dismiss the ticket if you agree to pay it immediately.

2. Request a trial by jury if you wish to fight the ticket in court. This will give you an opportunity to present your side of the story and make your case before a judge or jury.

3. Consider appealing the court’s decision if you are found guilty. Although this can be a costly and time-consuming process, it may be worth exploring if you feel that there were errors made during your trial or believe that you have been treated unfairly by the court system.

4. Take other steps to protect yourself from traffic tickets, such as understanding local traffic laws, keeping a clean driving record, and following all posted speed limits and road signs. With some planning and diligence, you can avoid fines for traffic violations and keep yourself safe on the road.

Do you need a lawyer for Traffic Court in Atlanta?

While you may choose to represent yourself in court, you may want to consider hiring a lawyer if you are facing serious traffic violations or believe that the case against you is strong. A lawyer can help you navigate the court system, prepare your case, and fight for a favorable outcome. If you are facing significant fines or points on your license, it may be worth your while to consult with an attorney before making any decisions about how to proceed. Contact me today to learn how I may be able to help you.


Atlanta Nolo Contendere | Traffic Ticket Lawyer

In Georgia, it is common for a person to enter a guilty plea without hiring a Georgia Traffic Ticket Lawyer. Although you can represent yourself in court, the Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS) will suspend your driver’s license if you plead guilty or no contest to speeding 26 mph or more over the speed limit.

If this situation applies to you, then pleading nolo contendere is an option that may be explored before hiring a traffic attorney.   Nolo contendere means “I do not wish to contest the charges against me.”   A person who pleads nolo contendere does not admit guilt; however, they are subject to punishment by the court similar to someone who entered a regular guilty plea.

Pleading Nolo Contendere As An Option

Pleading nolo contendere may be a better option for some people because it can prevent their driver’s license from being suspended.   This article will discuss pleading nolo contendere to a speeding ticket in Georgia.

Speeding 26 mph or more over the speed limit is a misdemeanor in Georgia called ” Speeding 26 Miles Or More Over The Legal Limit “.   This crime comes with a minimum fine of $350 and up to 12 months in jail.   If you choose to plead nolo contendere, then you will still pay the fine and court costs; however, your driver’s license won’t be suspended.

Pleading Nolo Contendere to A Georgia Traffic Ticket

To plead no contest, fill out the paperwork required by the Clerk of Court.   This will be a simple form asking you to check either “guilty” or “nolo contendere”.  The Clerk of Court does not care which box you choose.   If the judge agrees with your plea, then you will be convicted for speeding 26 mph over the speed limit just as if you had entered a guilty plea.   You are still responsible for paying the fine and court costs, but your driver’s license won’t be suspended.

Is Pleading Nolo Contendere The Same As Entering A Guilty Plea?

A nolo contendere plea is not considered an actual conviction; however, it is treated as one under Georgia law. If this situation applies to you, then you should contact a Georgia Traffic Ticket Lawyer for assistance.

An Atlanta Traffic Ticket Lawyer can handle this for you and possibly keep your driving privileges from being suspended.     If responding to the ticket, then hire a lawyer before just paying your fine and court costs and dealing with the consequences on your own.

Call Traffic Ticket Lawyer Kimbrel For Help

To speak with an experienced traffic attorney that may be able to help you preserve your now-limited driving privileges, call Attorney Kimbrel.


Atlanta DUI Arrest

A DUI arrest can have a huge impact on your life. If you are charged with driving under the influence in Atlanta, Georgia, there are many potential penalties that could result from a conviction. It is important to find an experienced attorney to represent you if you are arrested for drunk driving or any other type of DUI offense in Atlanta.

DUI Classification In Atlanta

A DUI is a misdemeanor in the state of Georgia. If you are convicted, there can be very serious consequences. In addition to losing your freedom and spending time incarcerated, there can be fines levied against you as well as impounding costs and rehabilitation costs.

You could lose your license for up to a year if you face a DUI conviction. A DUI can affect your employment and mean that you lose your job, especially if the company has a policy against DUI arrests. If you are convicted, you can also expect to pay higher insurance rates for several years into the future.

Experienced DUI Defense In Atlanta

There are lawyers who specialize in Atlanta DUI offenses that will work with you to create your defense strategy and to get you through this difficult time. A good DUI attorney will do whatever is necessary to help you, and it is important that you find an attorney who has a great deal of experience dealing with Atlanta DUI offenses such as yours.

Get Help With You Atlanta DUI Charges

The penalties for Atlanta DUI offenses can be severe, including jail time. However, there are options available to people who are charged with drunk driving in order to protect their freedom and future. A DUI attorney can help you to understand your rights and what you should expect as a result of being charged with DUI.

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