Can My License Be Suspended For Using A Phone While Driving?

Posted on : August 31, 2018
Losing Your License In Atlanta For Using A Cell Phone While Driving

Georgia’s Hands-Free Law

Operating a vehicle while using your cell phone is illegal in Georgia. That part is clear.

If you are pulled over for talking on your cell while driving, in most cases
you will get a citation. For the first offense, it may be $50 and a point on your license.
That doesn’t seem so bad so, you may think the citation is insignificant. That could be
a mistake.

Points On Your License

A second incident may garner $100-$200 citations and two, or possibly more points each time.
It isn’t a small and insignificant matter anymore because at the point where you continue to receive
citations and points, you’re now risking your ability to drive.

Driving is a form of personal freedom, however, legally, it is a right that you earn. You may feel entitled
to be out on the open roads but breaking the law means that you risk that legal right to drive. The more points
you accrue on your license, the higher the possibility that you can pass the threshold where you
face a license suspension.

Risking A Suspended License In Georgia

Every additional citation could mean more points and one thing is for certain, regardless of how minor
talking on your phone, texting, or checking your messages may seem, it is against the law. The more points
you get, the closer you are to losing your driving privileges. Getting to the threshold of 15 points
in a 24 month period means risking a suspended license based on the point system.

So to answer the question “Can My License Be Suspended For Using A Phone While Driving?“, if you don’t
take the Hands-Free law seriously, you can easily add on enough points in a 24 month period that will result
in a suspended license.