What You Should Know About the Georgia Teenage Driver Responsibility Act

Posted on : January 29, 2018
Any teen driver already faces a higher risk of accidents than other age categories. This also means a teen driver might be at a higher risk of being pulled over by the police for a violation of the law. Police officers often pull teens over for a broad range of issues, from swerving into another […]

Should I Really Try to Fight a Traffic Ticket in Georgia?

Posted on : December 27, 2017
There’s nothing more annoying than getting a traffic ticket. It can be either frustrating or embarrassing depending on the circumstances. But if you’re planning on simply paying the ticket and trying to forget about it, that can be a big mistake. It might be well worth your time to schedule a time to chat with […]

What You Need to Know About Traffic Tickets and Your CDL License in Georgia

Posted on : November 27, 2017
A traffic ticket for anyone might seem like a hassle and could lead to consequences, but the stakes are much higher for anyone who holds a specialized license. This license is your opportunity to earn a living and if you accumulate problems on your driving record, that license may be revoked or suspended. A suspended […]

Defenses Against a Reckless Driving Ticket

Posted on : October 30, 2017
If you were ticketed for reckless driving, you could face serious and costly penalties. However, there are numerous defenses to this accusation. Here’s several your attorney might use. You Weren’t Driving the Vehicle First and foremost, for a reckless driving conviction, Atlanta police must first prove that you were the one driving. Usually, this is […]

Your Rights During a Traffic Stop

Posted on : September 25, 2017
When you are stopped by a police officer while driving, you still have a number of civil rights. However, how you choose to invoke those rights can certainly set the tone for what will happen next. Here’s how to protect your rights under the law in a respectful, constructive way. Your Right to Record the […]

Failure to Yield

Posted on : August 30, 2017
A driver can be stopped and ticketed at any time for failure to yield if a police officer witnesses the behavior. However, this ticket is most commonly issued after a motor vehicle accident. Police will often assess the situation and determine what likely happened before the accident. If the accident was caused by someone not […]

5 Secrets of Beating Traffic Tickets

Posted on : July 27, 2017
If you’re saddled with a traffic ticket, you might not want to simply pay it and be on your way. Paying the fine is the same as admitting guilt, and this can work against you. Going to court and fighting a traffic ticket isn’t necessarily as difficult as many people make it seem. When you […]

How to Fight an Automatic Red Light Ticket

Posted on : July 8, 2017
In Atlanta, many intersections have cameras programmed to take photographs when the light turns red. This allows the cameras to catch drivers running red lights without the need for law enforcement presence. The camera photographs the individual’s license plate and generates a ticket. Then, a ticket is mailed to the driver. If you received an automatic […]

Can You Be Arrested for Swearing at a Police Officer During a Traffic Stop?

Posted on : May 7, 2017
You’re driving to a destination when suddenly, you see blue lights in your rearview mirror. You pull over and the police officer seems to have an attitude, which upsets you. Or, perhaps you’re having a bad day and getting pulled over is the last straw. Either way, you swear at the officer during the interaction? […]