What You Should Know About the Georgia Teenage Driver Responsibility Act

Posted on : January 29, 2018
Atlanta Reckless Driving Ticket Lawyer

Any teen driver already faces a higher risk of accidents than other age categories. This also means a teen driver might be at a higher risk of being pulled over by the police for a violation of the law. Police officers often pull teens over for a broad range of issues, from swerving into another lane all the way to speeding. Any of these issues that violate the law can be serious.

If you have recently received a ticket as a teenager, you probably are concerned about telling your parents and the potential consequences. There are specific laws in the books in Georgia that make it all the more important to retain an experienced traffic ticket attorney immediately. If you are the parent of a teenager, your decision to take swift action could help prevent consequences for your teen’s future and also help keep your insurance cost down.

Anyone who is currently insuring a teenage driver on their policy knows the high cost of doing so and is likely to understand the benefits of preventing these tickets from being put on the record overall. If someone under 21 years of age is convicted of any offense for which four or more driving points are assessed, the privileges to drive in Georgia are suspended for at least six months and no work permits are available.

If the individual who has received a traffic ticket is under age 18 and has accumulated 4 points across a 12-month period, the automatic suspension of the privilege to drive effects them for at least 6 months. Some of the most common four-point violations that can land a teenage driver in hot water include aggressive driving, speeding 24 miles per hour or more over the posted speed limit, illegal passing of a school bus or improper passing on a hill or curve.

These serious situations can have major consequences for a teenage driver as well as for the parents of that teenage driver when the suspension of driving privileges is no longer in place and insurance must be obtained. In order to obtain these possible problems, schedule a consultation with an Atlanta traffic ticket attorney as soon as possible.

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