What Are the Penalties for Driving with a Suspended License in Georgia?

Posted on : December 10, 2018
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Your driver’s license can be suspended in Georgia for a number of traffic related offenses and other offenses as part of the penalty. For example, you may have your license suspended for not complying with child support or if you have gotten a number of traffic tickets and the state labels you as a habitually negligent or dangerous driver. Regardless of the reason for suspension, you must be very careful about how you proceed.

It’s best to arrange alternative transportation. You may be able to get rides from friends and family, or public transportation may be available to you. If you drive before your license has been restored, you run the risk of facing serious penalties for driving on a suspended license. Here’s what you need to know.

First Offense

If you are caught driving on a suspended license for the first time (or a subsequent time after five years has passed), you will be charged with a misdemeanor. You face a minimum jail sentence of two days, but potentially up to 12 months depending on the circumstances of the incident. You can also be ordered to pay a fine of up to $1,000, and an additional 6 month suspension will be added to your license.

Second Offense

If you are caught driving on a suspended license a second time within a five year period, you will also be charged with a misdemeanor, however, it will be likely considered aggravated. The minimum jail sentence is 10 days, but can be extended to 12 months. Your minimum fine would be $1,000, but you could be required to pay up to $2,500. You will also have 6 months added to your license suspension.

Reinstating Your License

Once your period of suspension ends, you may reinstate your license by paying a fee. Depending on why your license was suspended, there may be other requirements, such as completing a driver safety course.

When to Contact a Traffic Ticket Lawyer

Because having your license suspended has such a significant impact on your life, it’s important to have solid legal representation when your license is on the line. If you were caught driving on a suspended license, your attorney can help you form a defense designed to have the charges against you dropped or reduced depending on your unique situation. Contact an Atlanta traffic ticket lawyer for help today at the Kimbrel Law Firm. Call us now for a consultation to discuss your case in detail at (770) 349-9219.