What to Expect from Georgia Traffic School

Posted on : May 26, 2018
Atlanta Traffic Ticket Attorneys Kimbrel

If you’ve recently been ordered by a Georgia court to complete traffic school, you may be concerned about what that entails. However, most people report that traffic school is fast and easy. Not only can drivers go through traffic school to satisfy the court’s requirements, they can also voluntarily take the course to reduce the number of points on their Georgia driver’s license or to earn a car insurance discount. Here’s what you can expect when you enroll.

What Georgia Traffic School Costs

You can expect to pay $95.00 for a course that is state approved.

Traffic School Eligibility

To take an approved course, you must meet certain basic eligibility requirements including but not limited to holding a valid Georgia driver’s license, having points on your license, or having a traffic ticket.

Traffic School Online

Although online traffic school courses are available and are cheaper than in-person courses, they only count towards receiving a reduction on your vehicle insurance rates. To satisfy court requirements or get points removed from your license, you must take and pass an approved in-person course.

Repeat Classes

Traffic school can be repeated up to once every five years — any courses taken more frequently will not count towards point reduction or license reinstatement, however, they may still help you receive insurance discounts.

Point Reduction

Traffic school can reduce the number of points against your driver’s license by up to seven, although it may not be seven in every case. You should discuss your individual case with a DMV representative or your traffic ticket attorney to determine exactly how many points you can remove from your license.

Ticket or Violation Removal

Not all tickets or violations are removed from a driver’s record after the completion of traffic school, even if the associated points are removed. For example, DUI or reckless driving violations are likely to remain on your record even after you have passed a defensive driving class. Parking tickets are not eligible for removal.

Where to Sign Up for Georgia Traffic School

You can inquire about local, in-person courses at your local DMV branch, or you can ask your traffic ticket attorney how to get enrolled. Typically, traffic school only lasts about a day, or 8 hours. Some courses are timed, while others simply require that the material be completed.

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