Hit and Run Charges In Georgia

Posted on : February 28, 2019
Attorney For Hit and Run Charges in Atlanta

Have You Been Accused Of A Hit And Run?

Whether you have been falsely accused of a hit and run or, due to unforeseen circumstances, you have been involved in a hit and run in Georgia, chances are that law enforcement has you on their radar.  You could be facing a misdemeanor as well as fines in an accident without serious injuries. In the event of a serious injury or death, if convicted, you may even be charged with a felony. Where an injury is concerned, in addition to felony charges, you will also face fines and penalties. So what does the law say about traffic accidents? Is there ever a good reason to leave the scene of an accident?

The Georgia Law On Traffic Accidents

An individual involved in a traffic accident has a duty, under the law, to stop after an accident. If an individual briefly leaves the scene, they are expected to return to the scene of the accident. It is the duty of the driver of the resulting accident to remain as close the accident scene as possible, so as to return to the scene and exchange their information with the other driver.

Other Requirements At The Scene Of A Traffic Accident

Aside from the expectation that you remain on the scene in order to exchange license and insurance information with the driver whom you were in the collision with, in the event of an injury, you are required to provide an injured person with reasonable help.

If an injured person at the scene needs assistance, there is an expectation that you provide any and all assistance possible within your means. Should they have severe injuries and cannot be moved, or are unresponsive, they will require immediate and emergency medical intervention and you must call for help, contact 911 and ensure that medical help is on the way. If the injury is not grave, you are expected to help them by transporting them to a medical facility or physician.

Remain At The Scene

In short, according to Georgia traffic laws, you are never to leave the scene of the accident until such time as you have fulfilled all of the requirements after your accident.

Wrongfully Accused Of A Hit and Run or Leaving The Scene Of An Accident ?

While it may not seem common, it is entirely possible to be wrongly accused of a hit and run or leaving the scene of an accident.  One digit off on a license plate or even a mistake in a description may result in a wrongful accusal. Outside of that, you may have been involved in a traffic accident that was not your fault, however, after a handshake, you may later come to learn that you now stand accused of a hit and run.

It is important that you understand that there are defenses to a Hit and Run. Speak to an experienced Atlanta Traffic Attorney to learn more about what can be done to resolve your charges.