Super Speeder Charges In Atlanta, Georgia?

Posted on : March 28, 2019
Attorney For Super Speeder Ticket in Atlanta

Did you get a Super Speeder Ticket In Atlanta?

If you were pulled over and given a citation for speeding in Atlanta, you might not know this, but it is possible to be classified as a Super Speeder.  You may not even be aware of the Super Speeder Laws in Georgia. When you receive a speeding ticket, you may be inclined to save yourself the hassle, plead guilty and pay the fine. But is that really in your best interest when it comes to a Super Speeder Ticket?

So What Is A Super Speeder Ticket In Atlanta?

A Super Speeder ticket in Georgia is determined by, you guessed it, the speed at which you were driving in relation to the type of road you were speeding on at the time of your stop.

Criteria for Super Speeders

  • Speeding on a two-lane road or highway in Atlanta at 75 miles per hour or more
  • Speeds of 85 miles per hour or more on any highway or road in the entire state of Georgia


Additional Costs and Charges Associated With Super Speeder Charges

To understand the severity of a Super Speeder ticket, you must first understand that in terms of the law, this type of speeding can be considered reckless driving in Atlanta. Reckless driving in Georgia can constitute a criminal misdemeanor. As with all criminal records, it is always possible for a Super Speeder ticket to come up on your record during any future criminal background check.

Additionally, when you opt to plead guilty and pay the fine ahead of defending a super speeder ticket for the sake of saving yourself the headache of fighting the ticket, that decision can change your life. You must also understand that you will initially be paying a fine to the locality in which the offense occurred, which does not include the $200 Super Speeder penalty.

In addition to and after the payment to the local municipality that your fine is paid:

  • You will receive a notice of an additional Super Speeder fine of $200 payable to the State of Georgia with a term of up to 120 days to make payment.
  • Failure to pay the fine within the specified 120 days will result in a suspension of your drivers’ license and an additional $50 to reinstate your driving privelages.

Get Help With Your Super Speeder Ticket

Because of the seriousness of a Super Speeder Ticket, you must actively be prepared to fight for your rights.  The first step, after receiving a speeding ticket, especially if you are unsure as to whether that ticket will be followed up with a Super Speeder classification, is to speak to an Atlanta Traffic Ticket Lawyer for proper guidance and the best possible outcome.