How Can I Reduce the Points Against My Georgia License?

Posted on : May 6, 2019
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Laws On License Point Reduction In Georgia

In the state of Georgia, the Department of Driver Services assesses points against residents’ driver’s licenses after each traffic violation. The more serious the violation, the more points are assessed.

Over The Age Of 21

For drivers over the age of 21, 15 points or more in a two year period results in the suspension of your license. Additionally, for drivers between 18-21, any offense worth four or more points will result in license suspension. The laws are even harsher for drivers under the age of 18: a 6-month license suspension occurs after just four points are accumulated in a 12 month period. Any second offense results in a 12-month suspension.

It’s important to monitor how many points are on your license and actively work to keep the number as low as possible. Here are 4 ways you can reduce points against your driver’s license.


Points from each traffic violation fall off your license every two years, from the date of the violation. You can simply wait for points to “time out,” however, it’s important that you don’t accumulate new points during that time, because points from each violation must wait two full years before discharge.

Participating in a Points Reduction Program

In Georgia, you are allowed to participate in a Points Reduction program once every five years. Successful completion of a certified Driver Improvement course is required to qualify, and the original certificate of completion must be provided to the Department of Driver Services (DDS). It can be mailed (keep a copy for yourself) or you can bring it in person to your local DDS office.

Requesting a Zero Points Order

If a court case would assess points against a Georgia resident’s drivers license for a particular violation, the resident can request what is called a Zero Points Order. This order prevents residents from accumulating points associated with a violation, however, the violation still shows up on their record. If a judge grants a Zero Points Order, fines are also reduced by 20%. The order can only be issued for someone once every 5 years, and completing a Driver Improvement course is required after the order is granted.

Contacting an Experienced Traffic Ticket Lawyer

Avoid having points assessed by working with a traffic ticket lawyer as soon as you are issued a ticket. An attorney can help you get the ticket dismissed, so you owe no fines and no violations are placed on your record. Contact the Kimbrel Law Firm today for more information at (770) 349-9219.