What Are the Worst Traffic Tickets in Atlanta?

Posted on : June 25, 2019

No one wants to get saddled with a traffic ticket, but not all tickets are created equal. Some tickets are just plain worse than others in terms of consequences, fines, and points against your license. Here’s a rundown of the worst traffic tickets to get in Atlanta and what to do if you’re pegged for any of these traffic offenses.

Atlanta DUI’s

In Georgia, a DUI ticket will raise your insurance premiums a whopping $812 — just over a 66% increase on the state average.


Georgia is one of the strictest states in the nation when it comes to speeding. The max fine for a speeding ticket is $2,000, which is less than only two other states — Virginia and Illinois speeding fines cap out at $2,500. Georgia has Super Speeder laws that tack on an additional $200 to the fine of anyone driving over 75 mph on a two-lane road and anyone driving over 85 mph on a highway or other road.

Aggressive Driving

If you are stopped for aggressive driving, you could incur 6 points against your license in one fell swoop. If you get 15 or more points in a 24-month period, your driver’s license will be suspended. It doesn’t take many 6-point offenses to reach 15, so it’s critical to address a ticket for aggressive driving in court versus just paying the fine.

Unlawful Passing of a School Bus

The unlawful passing of a school bus in Georgia will earn you six points against your driver’s license and a hefty fine. If it’s your first offense, the fine is $300. Second offense fines are $750 and third offense fines are $1,000.

It’s possible that an Atlanta police officer would ticket you for aggressive driving and unlawful passing of a school bus, earning you 12 points against your license. If you were also speeding at the time, your license will be suspended, all arising from a single incident.

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Many people make the mistake of thinking they can make a ticket go away by paying it. This certainly isn’t the case; by paying the fine, you’re pleading guilty to the offense — and accepting whatever consequences go with it. Before paying any traffic ticket you’ve been issued, you should consult with an experienced Atlanta traffic ticket attorney. It may be in your best interest to fight the ticket, especially if you already have points against your license.

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