060515-municipal-court-ba01What is PTIT? Did you get a ticket in the city of Atlanta? Some tickets qualify for Atlanta Municipal Court’s PTIT program. PTIT stands for “Pre-Trial Intervention – Traffic”. Atlanta Municipal Court developed the PTIT program to handle the large number of cases they deal with. If a case qualifies for PTIT, the defendant has the option to avoid arraignment and trial. PTIT typically involves a fine or a defensive driving course. Once the defendant completes the requirements, the case is dismissed and does not appear on the defendant’s record.A defendant can only utilize the PTIT program once in a 12 month period. A defendant must be over the age of 21 to participate. Certain traffic offenses are excluded from the PTIT program. Defendants with CDL licenses are not allowed to participate in the PTIT program.Some defendants have found participation in the PTIT program to be intimidating. You can read about their experience at Creative Loafing. You may want to speak with an attorney to see if PTIT is the right choice for you.If you are unable to attend court in the city of Atlanta, and would like for one of our attorneys to see if you qualify for the PTIT program, please give us a call. We offer low rates for Atlanta Municipal Court cases that qualify for the PTIT program.


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